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The Galactic Noise Floor*

Monkeytek's Galactic Noise Floor Exclusive radio guest mix for Tuesday November 24th 2009.

Matty G - What Is It (dub)
Lloop - Autumn Rains til Those Of Spring (dub)
Cymatic - Dub For Peace (dub)
Indigo - Premonition (dub)
Quantum Soul - The Core (dub)
12th Planet - Smokescreen (Jack Sparrow's remix) (dub)
Misk - Ragdoll (dub)
Sideshow - Youth Of Today
Scuba - Speak (Naked Lunch)
Lloop - Raja's Dreams (dub)
Phased Entity - Fissure - dubplate
Search & Destroy - Candyfloss (Toasty's Brighton Rock version) (dubplate)
Elemental - Sparkle (Hot Flush)
Untold - Walk Through Walls (LV remix) (Hemlock)
XI - Light fm (dubplate)

Big Up to the LoDubs bass plate business, Monkeytek, Ryan Organ, E3, Samizdat, The Rockness Monster, Apocrypha,

Carolyn and I will be starting an 'Arts & Letters' counter culture talk segment on the KWVA Pacific NW Radio News Network, Thursdays, 6:30pm-7pm Pacific Time, 9:30pm-10pm Eastern Time.

tune in @:

premiering new Sully, Vitalic, Pumajaw, Sharps, DFRNT, Elemental, ASC, glass candy, and more on The Show this Tuesday. infiltrating your frequencies with sinister signals, up to no good as usual.
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