! (lauralin) wrote,

what it's like

when you neck all night and wake up alone on top of flannel sheets still half in that dream. in a large, soft, queen bed in a dark, warm bedroom that smells of cedar. pillows and down comforters strewn about, a cool glass of glacier water on the nightstand.

I've long since gone to work, but left the system on so you can plug in your music and leisurely get ready. You rise, wander around yawning. I left you an assortment of glass jars filled with colorful, fragrant, top shelf flower. I left you the keys to my benz, to zip around town if you like. you know i'll be away for hours yet. you prod through the surface of my belongings. open drawers, closets. thumb the edges of my bright wardrobe, discover a silver gun beneath layers of boxers. put on one of my expensive shirts.

tonight we hit the coastal city with the huge copper-blue sea bridge and go to one of its many beachside breweries to drink flights of fine ale and get buzzed and laugh and put hands on one another. tomorrow we hunt through mossy forests of fern and fir and every color green to another new waterfall, whose mists cover and illuminate your incandescent skin, and we kiss in its watery roar.

but before all that begins later on, i first cant wait to join you beside the fire, where we'll both read and silently admire each other. when we catch one another stuck smirking in an adoring gaze. the orange shadows on the walls, the elementals, our kaleidoscope.
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