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undergrad student evaluations from this past term:

Laura is a very understanding and passionate teacher, as any student can attest.

This instructor was my favorite out of all of my professors this term. She encouraged me to work harder and produce better work. She cared a lot about the work we were doing.

I thought the course was taught pretty damn well.

Great instructor, loved the grammar presentations. Good about making us do the readings and really understanding about problems that each student might be having.

The instructor is really awesome, somewhat of a hard grader, but very helpful.

The instructor easily communicated with the students and could discuss controversial issues fairly during class.

Probably one of the smartest writing teachers I have ever had. Very well done with the grammar groups. Great personality for a writing teacher.

The instructor did a magnificent job teaching Writing 122. The students were kept engaged, and the material was presented in such a way that I feel that i arrived at my own conclusions through assistance, not imitation. The instructor is the epitome of an inspiring teacher, as i feel as if i have made lifelong corrections to my writing styles and my methods of critical reading.

Laura was a great teacher. It was easier to connect with her because she was younger and I felt really comfortable talking with her.

What would you suggest to make this course better?:
Not much. Pretty stellar!

What progress have you made in this course?:
I feel that I've refined and bettered my writing and attitude. I wasn't putting much effort into writing and I knew I could do much better, but now I feel like I WANT to do good school work because I can, and I don't want to take the easy way out anymore!

What other comments do you wish to make about this course.:
Love Laura, one of the best teachers I've ever had!

What parts of this course did you find most helpful?:
"The personal conference with the instructor helped tremendously. It helped put the class into perspective: what was expected, the errors i was making, the grading criteria, etc. "

What progress have you made in this course?:
"I feel as if i have immensely improved my writing capabilities, the organization of my writing, the use and strength of a thesis, and my use of critical analysis. With all the grammar presentations and constructive feedback, i feel like i now have all the material required to write a grammatically and logically sound essay for any class. "

What other comments do you wish to make about this course.:
"None, i believe the instructor did a swell job, and i am satisfied with the course, its objectives, and the end result. The instructor also took a sincere interest in making sure the students understood what was expected, the qualities of their work that needed to be changed, and by taking the time to make detailed suggestions and corrections on their work. "
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