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d o n e

I just submitted final grades.
Students are so funny with their little thank you notes. their little crushes are hysterical. one girl was like, "I told my entire dorm floor to take your class next term. Even though it's an 8am class I told them it'd be worth it." awwwww. they're such sweet impressionable little baby freshmen. Most of them at least, haha. I've had a girl break down crying in my office this term, and a dude tell me that his real name wasn't his real name because his family is colombian and in the witness protection program lol.... ohhh to listen, to be trusted....
I told them they haven't even seen a damn thing since this wasn't even a literature course- it's an argumentative writing course. you know, rhetoric and logic such. I told them that if they really want to get their minds blown that they should take a literature/philosophy/theory class with me. Courses are in the works for summer

All of my final projects and term papers are in, for better or for worse.
I'm about to celebrate the conclusion of the fall term by having a magic flight vape full of full melt bubble hash.
mmmmmm....it's so crumbly and sweet smelling, like brown sugar

my sexy fuckin parisian bombshell gets here on wednesday...mmm can't wait....
very excited. we're immediately going to see 'black swan' and 'enter the void'.

My office mate and I are painting the entire room purple together, and belt sanding and refinishing our desks over the break. hahaha, Esther is awesome. It's refreshing to be sharing an office with someone outside the department. Especially an English person who isn't devoted to fellating the ivory tower and knows the game for what it is.

I hate Christmas and will be actively avoiding any and all aspects of it this year. Instead I will be a donysian and read, write, sleep, smoke, drink, etc.. yes.
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