! (lauralin) wrote,

Poem by Sharon Doubiago

Be Ahead of All Parting

I lay on Emily's grave
I lay on Chief Seattle
as though they were behind me
as though now were that night

For among winters one is so endlessly winter
I fled my love in Lourmarin and found
Albert Camus. I brought back to my love the lavender
that covers him and Madam Camus. All things
double on one another especially our hearts. I sat on Sartre
and De Beauvoir, "ensemble!" the guard shouted,
one on top the other. I was looking for Vallejo
but found in the slot Jean Seberg. (I didn't find
Joan of Arc or Romain Gary). On Gertrude Stein
among the pebbles and Alice B. Toklas
I left my White-Out, there being no pebbles left
in Paris

We walked across London to Karl Marx
miles covered by asphalt and cement. My Marxist love
had a fit for fear I'd pee on even his cement. Systems
impossible in time, I am forever dead
in the women's section
of the Moravian Cemetery
in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Hilda Doolittle
as "Mrs. Richard Aldington"
beneath the towering phallus
or was that the omphalos? the now that is night, glacier

cloud drifting but mostly
the unknown
when I was going I stopped
at every death
I saw the movies the dead see.
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