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Tuesday, April 12th, 2016
6:14 pm
oh my god the most astonishing series of events just transpired at the liz phair/smashing pumpkins show at the arlene schnitzer concert hall downtown PDX.

Let me start by saying that i go to a lot of live music shows and I like to buy a few tickets for any of the eclectic number of shows I attend, whether my friends use them or whether I re-sell them on craigslist and whatnot to pay for my own. Anyway, with all of my experience doing this i've learned a few tricks of the ticket trade. Such as when the tickets become available and the flood gates open and theres a fire sale of them, the best seats always get scooped up instantaneously, but sometimes you can get a really amazing single seat somewhere because 99% of people buy their tickets in pairs/groups. This happened to be one of those times- so I bought the 4th row single ticket for my greedy little self and decided to sell the tickets I had purchased for other lesser sections and take myself on a solo date with this amazing seat at the show of a band who I grew up listening to and is one of the bands i have always wanted to see live.

I go and buy a canna chocolate at my neighborhood dispensary, because one of my favorite things to do in life is to get lit at a live music show and just get completely overwhelmed by and lost in the show. So I drive downtown, park on a side street of the PSU campus, savor 2 squares of a canna crunch bar and then make my way to the venue. If you are ever going to see live music in Portland or Oregon for that matter, the arlene schnitzer concert hall is where, without a doubt, you would want to see it. It is by far the finest live music venue in the state. Built by the jewish Portland steel dynasty Schnitzer family, it is an ornate italian renaissance style historic vaudeville theater with the most beautiful acoustics and ambiance.

So I walk in, stand on the long bar line, and as it's slowly moving the medible starts kicking in and i begin to feel fine and elated as all these people slip by me. i buy 2 red sail amber ales for myself and make my way to my seat. By the time the usher gets me to my 4th row stage right seat, opener Liz Phair is about a quarter of the way through her single "why can't i"- which is her lame 90's hit, but also an extremely devastating song. I sit down and immediately get entirely caught up in it and am just zeroed in on the moment, with my glassy blue eyes transfixed and staring straight ahead, absolutely absorbed in the performance. There are 2 still empty seats directly in front of me, and Liz Phair keeps just kind of glancing over in my direction, (and i know i'm kind of an intense weirdo with a very icy stare and a predilection to hyper focus and intently study with an absolute concentration- so it happens a lot that I, at some point, lock eyes with a live performer if i'm sitting close enough) and it keeps happening so i feel awkward and start looking away and drinking my beer down.

Then she launches into a song called "mesmerizing", and i am fully blazed and 1 quick beer deep, and then the person to my right gets up and leaves, creating even more gaping space and attention around me. and she is playing acoustic guitar up there by herself only, singing this song, and then the two people in front of me rise, and leave!!!- and I am just like oh my fucking god, really??? so now there are 4 empty seats directly in front of me, isle then empty seat to my left. and a this point she has been glancing and also seemed to be like 'what the fuck' lol and i just look down and shake my head because i feel embarrassed and keep taking gulps of beer feeling like the whole theater is looking at me, AND THEN THE TWO PEOPLE TO MY RIGHT GET UP AND LEAVE!!!! and I am now adrift in a literal sea of empty seats right at the very front of the stage in an otherwise packed out and sold out theater. and at this point it has become so absurd that she just smiled and shook her head and i am so fucking blasted and this is some straight up high conspiracy shit no lie and I'm losing it a little just trying to keep my cool and then the song ends and the lights go down a little and I am thinking holy fucking shit that was literally just so insane and can do nothing but laugh to myself and shake my head in disbelief. then i just chill out and wait it out through a couple more songs and as soon as liz phair finishes her set the groups of people who had been sitting all around me begin to trickle back to their seats. all return except for the two empty seats directly in front of me. They're readying the smashing pumpkins stage equipment and the lights begin to dim when who finally sits down in those 2 vacant seats directly in front of me???? Only the most gorgeous lesbian couple i have ever seen in my entire life (and that's saying something). like, breathtakingly, stunningly gorgeous. both slight, and almost matching, in dark, tailored outfits with incredible artfag haircuts. so impeccably stylish, so fuckin adorable. so very portland. being affectionate but in a low key and secret way. like i could definitely tell but maybe an oblivious other couldn't. the fact that these two were sitting right in front of me made me so elated. and then the lights go out and billy takes the stage to much applause.

and I become so, so lost in the show, additionally captivated by the beautiful and transgressive couple a few inches away dead center right in front of me. they're drinking and getting lit, whispering in each other's ears at the ends of the songs. shoulder to shoulder against each other. and i am internally flipping out to be witnessing this, like how is this happening to me what did i do to deserve such a gift from the universe, to have the entire concert experience literally framed by this stunning and moving couple. i am entirely taken by the whole thing, it's almost too much to bear. and then the pumpkins are playing mayonnaise, literally right up in front of me, and then fucking space oddity- billy played/sang space oddity. and the entire show was acoustic, like smashing pumpkins unplugged, laid bare. all of it was just so fucking overwhelming, and i felt so hypnotized by the events and moment, and i was so fucking high i felt like i was glowing. I fell into an ecstatic state, a dyoniasian trance and began to silently, stilly weep. waves of mysterium tremendum washed over me. It was a numinous, religious, affirming experience. I was captivated, and just so supremely taken, it was astonishing. it hit an apex during the climax of eye, the breakdown, in the throes of sonic bliss with a pair of radiant deities in front of me.

the set was:

cardinal rule
tonight, tonight
world's fair
space oddity
Jesus, i, mary of the sea
sorrows in blue

stand inside your love


And then, after a standing ovation encore, it was over. and the lights went up, and everyone started flowing out of the huge, dimly lit theater. I hate crowds so at any big event I always wait for the place to clear out before leaving. And I am recovering in the wake of this sublime awe, sitting dazed in a state of cosmic shock. and everyone else in the section has cleared out- except for the couple in front of me. and i know that they saw me out of the corner of their eye, smiling, admiring, and adoring their very existence in a very respectful, grateful, and devotional way, and they glanced back and grinned at me at least a few times during the show. at one point switching seats, sharing beers. we smile bashfully but affirmatively at one another. they softly laugh and whisper throughout the show. they saw me as i saw them, subtexts of communication on our similar wavelenghts, fond familiars vibing.

They remain seated talking to one another after the show, i'm looking around the theater when I notice a cell phone on the floor underneath their seats. I think, "no fucking way" to myself and pick up the phone. "hey, excuse me" i say to them. "is this one of your phones?" They look at me for a moment. "No." I laugh and say "oh ok". "You can give it to their lost and found" one of them says. (duh) i think, and say "yeah...lost and found...". but then think that they are just as nervous and awkward as I am, as we often are.

they turn around, whisper to one another, and then both glare back for a moment smiling at me. my brows raise and i smile back. "would you mind taking our picture?", they coyly ask.

"sure", i say, impossibly delighted and dying inside. like how is this shit STILL happening. ahahaha but i love it.

they proceed to adorably argue about which angle/backdrop would be best for the insta photo LOL for like a few minutes. I sit aside smiling and looking down, extraordinarily amused. they laugh and apologize. I say it's cool i know how it is, artistic direction and all. I get it. They look even more bashful, and as they go back and forth i get captivated again, transfixed by their look and otherworldly beauty and movement and the ways in which they are so attuned to one another. I am blown away.

they finally arrive at a decision, and i again frame my surroundings through them. get down on my knees in photographic observance, find the right angle, and flash freeze a single frame, arms around each other, with the amber filagree walled theater enormous around them. captured a surreal vision of these holy two.

i am obviously thinking i see you. you see me too. So i hand back her camera, ask if it's good, they smile and nod and thank me, and I wait for them to make the next move because i don't want to sound like a presumptuous creep.

so I give them ample time. they shuffle around, and then I smirk at them, say "have a good night, guys"- and begin to walk away towards the bathroom with this huge, unbelievable- truly unbelievable dumbfounded grin on my face.

They watch me leave and act like they want to do something but then for whatever reason they don't. (typical lesbian passive hesitation) but regardless, I head towards the bathroom feeling lucky to have even have been invited into their lives for a fleeting moment.

I'm not even that fucked up but I had such a fantastic and mind-blowing time that I can't wipe the foolish grin off my damn face.

I walk to the subterranean ladies room, piss, and as I'm emerging from the stall about to wash my hands who saunters up to my side? the gorgeous dykes.

the slightly more masc blonde one goes "it's you again".

I shrug and raise my eyebrows in acknowledgement. "It's me", I awkwardly confirm, stunned yet again by the synchronicity - especially considering how huge the bathroom is and how we all could have been in any number of different sections of it, respectively, and totally missed each other through the crowds.

I;m washing my hands in front of the mirror and the two of them walk right up into the same area I'm in, out of the whole spacious, empty bathroom, and begin to dry their hands and then the more femmey one posts up right beside me and starts reapplying makeup in the mirror. I avert my eyes, then reach for a stiff piece of paper towel. I am super nervous, cornered by them as the bathroom continues to empty completely out until we 3 are just standing there looking back at ourselves in the huge mirror in front of us.

And at this point I'm just like ok, this is fuckin ridiculous- i've held back, but the universe is clearly trying to force our shy and stubborn hands in the matter- so I launch a feeble attempt to try and make small talk "You guys from portland?" I ask, then worry that might sound condescending. They say yep, how about you? and I say yes I live in portland. The one goes, "where's your friend?" and I say "what friend?" "The one you were sitting with" and I say "Oh, i don't know any of those people, I came solo". (and I can't really tell whether they're impressed or put off by that fact lol) we briefly talk about how amazing the show was. Then we stand there silently, comfortably yet tensely, for a few more minutes while I put my hands in my pockets and look down while they adjust themselves and each other in the mirror extremely close to myself. I wait for them, I wait on them to say, ask something, and I feel like they are totally on the verge of it but too who knows to actually come out with it and i'm just like damn dude you guys are the ones who approached me and who asked me and who came round and posted up next to me- make your move before I hightail it up out of here damnit. and I'm coming down but still stoned and buzzed and I know they're a little wasted too and stalling. and finally I can't take it anymore and say "Hey, well, if you guys want to find me on IG my ID is XxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx" and they say, wait, what? - and I repeat it- and then they say , what a cool moniker- all one word? - and I say yeah, all one word and pause to look each of them in the eyes for a long moment before dashing out of there because i just couldn't take it anymore lol I smile to myself on the midnight walk back to the car beneath the lights of my beloved forest city.

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Saturday, January 16th, 2016
9:18 pm - crazed
so i spent the day working at a hacker convention. lots of dweeby dorky nerdage all around. awkward, bumbling, hunched, nervously stuttering genusies, clicking and staring into glowing screens. girls with retainers and brightly colored hair.

it was windy. we drove fast on the highway, had lunch at a cafe.

then home to lava beds and a tiny lamb.

then managing, handling psychos in crisis
he is unstable, unreasonable
his extreme emotions are attached to not feeling wanted by that which bore him

the hills are jagged and green, the ground below my feet is alive with volcanic activity. heavy metals, dense and flowing molten..

my small empire out here.

scheming in the woods.

we do the best we can.

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2015
7:58 pm - what it's like
when you neck all night and wake up alone on top of flannel sheets still half in that dream. in a large, soft, queen bed in a dark, warm bedroom that smells of cedar. pillows and down comforters strewn about, a cool glass of glacier water on the nightstand.

I've long since gone to work, but left the system on so you can plug in your music and leisurely get ready. You rise, wander around yawning. I left you an assortment of glass jars filled with colorful, fragrant, top shelf flower. I left you the keys to my benz, to zip around town if you like. you know i'll be away for hours yet. you prod through the surface of my belongings. open drawers, closets. thumb the edges of my bright wardrobe, discover a silver gun beneath layers of boxers. put on one of my expensive shirts.

tonight we hit the coastal city with the huge copper-blue sea bridge and go to one of its many beachside breweries to drink flights of fine ale and get buzzed and laugh and put hands on one another. tomorrow we hunt through mossy forests of fern and fir and every color green to another new waterfall, whose mists cover and illuminate your incandescent skin, and we kiss in its watery roar.

but before all that begins later on, i first cant wait to join you beside the fire, where we'll both read and silently admire each other. when we catch one another stuck smirking in an adoring gaze. the orange shadows on the walls, the elementals, our kaleidoscope.

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Sunday, February 19th, 2012
6:29 pm - RPDR.S4
TEAM SNEEDLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon's gonna take it, with Chad Michaels in 2nd and Phi Phi O'Hara in 3rd- mark my words !!!!!!

I have such a crush on sharon needles she's more of a performance artist than a drag queen even....
she gives me a boner, tho. ;)

Damn I love this show.......BEST PROGRAM ON TV HANDS DOWN!

/broke wrist bitch

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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
10:42 pm
Sameness, battling. Two Virgos at war. An ornate, filigree, Victorian junk-hook décor against the simplicity of a streamlined, European minimalism. Erased embellishments. Hidden figurines. Things thrown away, decried.

Then that she, all of a sudden out of nowhere that she, that other ever only she calling- after months, years of any genuine contact, conversation, save cordial, vapid glance-hellos amongst gatherings of mutual friends. Averting eyes, talking about things neither really cares about. Keeping it light, tolerable, above all. Never going there, to that dangerous place you both are always at the brink of. Deceptive poetics dare not spoken of.

I reluctantly answer. She’s getting help, is in recovery. Done stewing in research chemical alphabet soups fed to her by false street shamans professing pretend enlightenment, bound to the nitrous canisters I last saw littering the floor of her apartment like shiny, rolling grenades, Blown into, huffed from balloons like buffoon clowns, dead-eyed, detached. Wants to make amends after being stuck at the bottom of a K hole on New Year’s Eve, losing herself, winding up in the embrace of an elderly Iranian man, his acrid, whiskered mouth tonguing her drugged, wasted lips as she lay, limp, on his erect lap - a thick, hairy hand fondling her numb breasts.- After all of the diseased DJs, the go-nowhere arrogant young boy-fools, the manipulative, middle aged men who entrance the naïve with faux grandeur, the jobless, small time vandals who live with their mothers, after all those, finally, a bottom.

Waking up the next day, crying, deranged, imbalanced, enraged, hurt, utterly gone.
Where does her mind go, where does she go?

Back to the mod community center at a punk show- amidst crusty oi boys smelling like filth & piss after sleeping in the woods, patched jackets, studded leather…when through all she saw something in that girl they called a boy’s eyes like nothing she had ever known. The painfully endearing expressions on that soft, pale face…the smirks, jokes, adorned in dickies, sauconys, the baby blue hoodie that accentuated bright eyes reflecting constellations. The moment when her heart both sank and leapt for the strange girl she barely knows, heard about, has just been introduced to, is scared of. heart-spark, a loss of breath,

Back in those suburban drainage sumps where you met to talk about the great forbidden sameness, that ultimate ineffable, trained, sworn to never touch. A clandestine meeting…going off only what you had heard, unsure, expecting ambush, you showed her through a hole in the chain link that led to the tall, yellow sump grasses and their low breeze noise, the clacking saplings, down to a sacred circle of dirt. All nerves, shaking, offering her a Nat Sherman, her favorite, you heard, from a maroon box lined with tissue paper that you swindled from the local tobacconist, being only 16. The lit, fragrant cloves swirling around you both in the frightened silence of a September wind.

Met her in that same baby blue hoodie she first noticed you in, secretly gorgeous, adoring little tomboy you are, pure as anything, completely entranced, every detail you noticed, the photographic memories of her all spaces, possessions, features, movements. The way you dreamt about them all day, reinforced your fascination, an infatuation beyond any. The crush of an angular, vampy girl you heard loved you from another school. More than anything you could ever want or handle. Thinking, smiling to yourself away from everyone, some secret corner, in a private place, reveling.

Heard at the punk shows that she loved you like the most fragile glass vase, barely opaque, the one she saw you through- behind sheaves of leaf and the green, bent branches of oak and maple. The same trees that swayed above you, perspiring just below towering silver birches, light, clean girl-sweat mixing with the smell of designer cologne-the one you heard she loved best. The one that smelled of iced tea and chrysanthemum....the one that perfectly complemented her starry citrus musk...in the dark...beneath blankets...

And I can see it all now so far away from back there when I arrive years later a little older in my purple and black ringmaster pants, scuffed oxblood docs, black t shirt under some sharply tailored jacket. Eyeliner, lightly tousled, unkempt auburn hair. Adorned in a silver necklace and white gold diamond-sapphire pinky ring, an older neck now branded with the crest of my hot blood, the script lettering of a wild Sicilian mountain cat incarnate. prowling, purring feline, always on edge, instantaneously reacting to the sharp snap of twig, to the quick flap of a sparrow's beaten wing.

Then everyone else is suddenly gone, and they are both somehow alone. Somehow always all alone. There once more with that unspokenness, the unutterable, beyond word. the shy side smile, the focused silence and look, the cascading purple-red hair once painted in careful strokes. The light, beckoning pink of full lip, the glacier-galaxy eyes looking at her with such sincerity such devotion even after, even after all of everything. The hourglass she once held, devouring its every fine inch, it passing through her hands more and more year after year, grasping at it dearly and completely within her tiny embrace, that which was once hers, undisputed, without question, entirely hers. now lost.

And she begins to weep, slowly at first, the huge tears plummeting, flowing over contorted cheeks, eyes like rivulets running without stop down onto her lap escalating to sobs and cries and moans and the lion-girl in front of her beholds the wet heaviness of the dark, soaked lashes, the gleaming green shadow streaked eyes that cry out for her, that regret all. When she says without speaking you’re the one you’re the only one I ever, how could I how could I ever how could I ever do those things.

And her touching sadness and the unbelievable sorrow-truth and remorse will tempt me like a chest of treasure to a beggar. For a minute I will forget. But I know I won’t. Know I won’t like all those other times when those eyes welled up and the frail body shook and asked me to hold it, to bury its blotched face into the shoulder of the supposed strong, all blurry with tear, soaking my shirt. Again, and again. I can’t again like I once did, splayed like the devout ascetic at the steps of your temple, worshiping the remembered scent of your wild, shared skin, drinking the smoke of flowers from your other-kissed rose-mouths, living for the desire in prayers you could never grant, that the vanity & smallness of your love forbade...

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Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
7:47 pm - awww....the little darlings...
undergrad student evaluations from this past term:

Laura is a very understanding and passionate teacher, as any student can attest.

This instructor was my favorite out of all of my professors this term. She encouraged me to work harder and produce better work. She cared a lot about the work we were doing.

I thought the course was taught pretty damn well.

Great instructor, loved the grammar presentations. Good about making us do the readings and really understanding about problems that each student might be having.

The instructor is really awesome, somewhat of a hard grader, but very helpful.

The instructor easily communicated with the students and could discuss controversial issues fairly during class.

Probably one of the smartest writing teachers I have ever had. Very well done with the grammar groups. Great personality for a writing teacher.

The instructor did a magnificent job teaching Writing 122. The students were kept engaged, and the material was presented in such a way that I feel that i arrived at my own conclusions through assistance, not imitation. The instructor is the epitome of an inspiring teacher, as i feel as if i have made lifelong corrections to my writing styles and my methods of critical reading.

Laura was a great teacher. It was easier to connect with her because she was younger and I felt really comfortable talking with her.

What would you suggest to make this course better?:
Not much. Pretty stellar!

What progress have you made in this course?:
I feel that I've refined and bettered my writing and attitude. I wasn't putting much effort into writing and I knew I could do much better, but now I feel like I WANT to do good school work because I can, and I don't want to take the easy way out anymore!

What other comments do you wish to make about this course.:
Love Laura, one of the best teachers I've ever had!

What parts of this course did you find most helpful?:
"The personal conference with the instructor helped tremendously. It helped put the class into perspective: what was expected, the errors i was making, the grading criteria, etc. "

What progress have you made in this course?:
"I feel as if i have immensely improved my writing capabilities, the organization of my writing, the use and strength of a thesis, and my use of critical analysis. With all the grammar presentations and constructive feedback, i feel like i now have all the material required to write a grammatically and logically sound essay for any class. "

What other comments do you wish to make about this course.:
"None, i believe the instructor did a swell job, and i am satisfied with the course, its objectives, and the end result. The instructor also took a sincere interest in making sure the students understood what was expected, the qualities of their work that needed to be changed, and by taking the time to make detailed suggestions and corrections on their work. "

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Friday, May 27th, 2011
11:05 am - New LJ Friend?
Hi, I've recently noticed that a bunch of people have added me as their LJ friend.

If you are one of those people, you do not have access to 99% of my live journal entries as they are almost always friends only.

If you want me to add you as a friend so you can read my friends only entries, please comment here and tell me who you are and why i should add you ! ! ! ! :)


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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
1:05 am - d o n e
I just submitted final grades.
Students are so funny with their little thank you notes. their little crushes are hysterical. one girl was like, "I told my entire dorm floor to take your class next term. Even though it's an 8am class I told them it'd be worth it." awwwww. they're such sweet impressionable little baby freshmen. Most of them at least, haha. I've had a girl break down crying in my office this term, and a dude tell me that his real name wasn't his real name because his family is colombian and in the witness protection program lol.... ohhh to listen, to be trusted....
I told them they haven't even seen a damn thing since this wasn't even a literature course- it's an argumentative writing course. you know, rhetoric and logic such. I told them that if they really want to get their minds blown that they should take a literature/philosophy/theory class with me. Courses are in the works for summer

All of my final projects and term papers are in, for better or for worse.
I'm about to celebrate the conclusion of the fall term by having a magic flight vape full of full melt bubble hash.
mmmmmm....it's so crumbly and sweet smelling, like brown sugar

my sexy fuckin parisian bombshell gets here on wednesday...mmm can't wait....
very excited. we're immediately going to see 'black swan' and 'enter the void'.

My office mate and I are painting the entire room purple together, and belt sanding and refinishing our desks over the break. hahaha, Esther is awesome. It's refreshing to be sharing an office with someone outside the department. Especially an English person who isn't devoted to fellating the ivory tower and knows the game for what it is.

I hate Christmas and will be actively avoiding any and all aspects of it this year. Instead I will be a donysian and read, write, sleep, smoke, drink, etc.. yes.

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Sunday, July 18th, 2010
5:13 am - Poem by Sharon Doubiago
Be Ahead of All Parting

I lay on Emily's grave
I lay on Chief Seattle
as though they were behind me
as though now were that night

For among winters one is so endlessly winter
I fled my love in Lourmarin and found
Albert Camus. I brought back to my love the lavender
that covers him and Madam Camus. All things
double on one another especially our hearts. I sat on Sartre
and De Beauvoir, "ensemble!" the guard shouted,
one on top the other. I was looking for Vallejo
but found in the slot Jean Seberg. (I didn't find
Joan of Arc or Romain Gary). On Gertrude Stein
among the pebbles and Alice B. Toklas
I left my White-Out, there being no pebbles left
in Paris

We walked across London to Karl Marx
miles covered by asphalt and cement. My Marxist love
had a fit for fear I'd pee on even his cement. Systems
impossible in time, I am forever dead
in the women's section
of the Moravian Cemetery
in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Hilda Doolittle
as "Mrs. Richard Aldington"
beneath the towering phallus
or was that the omphalos? the now that is night, glacier

cloud drifting but mostly
the unknown
when I was going I stopped
at every death
I saw the movies the dead see.

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Saturday, July 10th, 2010
5:21 am
To those of you who added me as a friend and who I have not yet added back:

Please tell me who you are and why you'd like to be friends. My LJ is pretty intimate and dear to me and I only share it with people who demonstrate that they are intelligent, good people/not creepers.

THNX : ]

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5:19 am

the maneCollapse )

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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010
9:42 pm - life.

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Friday, December 4th, 2009
6:45 pm

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Sunday, November 29th, 2009
1:27 pm - The Galactic Noise Floor*
Monkeytek's Galactic Noise Floor Exclusive radio guest mix for Tuesday November 24th 2009.

Matty G - What Is It (dub)
Lloop - Autumn Rains til Those Of Spring (dub)
Cymatic - Dub For Peace (dub)
Indigo - Premonition (dub)
Quantum Soul - The Core (dub)
12th Planet - Smokescreen (Jack Sparrow's remix) (dub)
Misk - Ragdoll (dub)
Sideshow - Youth Of Today
Scuba - Speak (Naked Lunch)
Lloop - Raja's Dreams (dub)
Phased Entity - Fissure - dubplate
Search & Destroy - Candyfloss (Toasty's Brighton Rock version) (dubplate)
Elemental - Sparkle (Hot Flush)
Untold - Walk Through Walls (LV remix) (Hemlock)
XI - Light fm (dubplate)

Big Up to the LoDubs bass plate business, Monkeytek, Ryan Organ, E3, Samizdat, The Rockness Monster, Apocrypha,

Carolyn and I will be starting an 'Arts & Letters' counter culture talk segment on the KWVA Pacific NW Radio News Network, Thursdays, 6:30pm-7pm Pacific Time, 9:30pm-10pm Eastern Time.

tune in @:

premiering new Sully, Vitalic, Pumajaw, Sharps, DFRNT, Elemental, ASC, glass candy, and more on The Show this Tuesday. infiltrating your frequencies with sinister signals, up to no good as usual.

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Sunday, September 6th, 2009
3:08 pm - Vegs are delicious
last night's dinner:

smoked tofurkey and facon club sandwich

3 slices of toasted organic honey wheat bread
layer smoked tofurkey
several slices of crispy facon
melted smoked gouda
pine nut hummus
herbed olive oil
green leaf lettuce

vegan dinner:
substitute soy pepper jack cheese for smoked gouda
substitute nayonaise for mayonaise

polish that off with 2 ice cold glasses of santa cruz organic lemonade and sea salted sweet potato fries


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Friday, September 4th, 2009
8:38 pm
I just fucking STOLE this Ursula Vernon ORIGINAL. grow art collection, grow, my pretty... .

i met and exchanged cards with this Albrecht Dürer print dealer and wood block print expert who ran museums in Asia and is on the university's museum committee on the plane ride home. we talked the whole time, it was awesome.

chronicile of trip to follow in the next few days.

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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
1:42 pm - *07/21/09*
The Galactic Noise Floor
Trip-Hop Ice Pop Set
(I usually do late night without censorship, but they needed me to cover a 'music with no cursing' hours show.)
8pm-10pm Pacific Time
11pm-1am Eastern Time

Sasha/oakenfold/carl cox/digweed- Immense Velocity Mix
NEW RELEASE PLAY: Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Peaceblaster Album, #4, 7, 9, 11
NEW RELEASE PLAY: Trance Fury - All the Saints in Heaven
NEW RELEASE PLAY: Kid606 - death is pain permanently leaving the body
DZ - Slum Dubs
Toast - Puppy Phat
Meesha - Clack
Desa - Deeper
AK1200 - y'all
Tricky - She Makes me Wanna Die
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
Portishead - Over
Hooverphonic - Battersea
Mandalay - Deep Love, Solace Remix
Bjork - State of Emergency
Garbage - Afterglow
Esthero - I Drive Alone
Evol Intent - Bjork Hidden Places Remix
Broadcast - Man is Not a Bird
Tori Amos - Bells for Her Trip Hop Remix


So I can't fucking wait for this....

Fuckin Brian and Amy Froud host this shit!!!!!!!!! (Brian Froud, one of my favorite illustrators of all time...& wendy froud fucking MADE Yoda...and was Jim Hansen's partner for all of the muppet designs for Dark Crystal, etc.) Also, amazing artist Amy Brown, and a ton, ton more...

Plus Gorgeous Mystical Siren Gypsies & Beats Antique.

We went to this last week and it was so fucking insane and amazing......blew my mind...an entire psychedelic woodland village built into a forest....utter awe

I'm sure "bad faeries" night next week holds much mischief in store....

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
7:31 pm - hell yeah
"This process of foreclosing occurs all the time between activists in various ways, where we tell one another that whatever effort we’re making is predetermined to mean something else, often failing to realize that our rigid viewpoint serves to squelch the reshaping and rewriting of meanings that we’re purportedly fighting for. So a part of this fashioning we’re doing needs to be about diversifying the set of aesthetic practices we’re open to seeing, and promoting a possibility of us all looking very very different from one another while we fight together for a new world. I want to be disturbed by what you’re wearing, I want to be shocked and undone and delighted by what you’re doing and how you’re living. And I don’t want anyone to be afraid to put on their look, their body, their clothes anymore. Resistance is what is sexy, its what looks good and is hard to look at and what sometimes requires explanation. Why would we want to do things that don’t require explanation, that are obvious, impervious to critique because no one even notices we’re doing them?"

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2:12 am - *;,'-.*The*Galactic*Noise*Floor*`;.'*
live on air right now

2am-4am U.S. Pacific Time, 5am-7am Eastern Time

http://kwva.uoregon.edu/ to tune in...

tonight's theme:

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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
11:53 pm - *;,'-.*The*Galactic*Noise*Floor*`;.'*
live on air right now

midnight-4am U.S. Pacific Time

4 hours...

http://kwva.uoregon.edu/ to tune in...

tonight's theme:

breaks, bass, dubstep, trip hop, wrap, ambient, glitch, maniac lunacy, & more...

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